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Spread the Gospel

Women of Honor is helping many around the Globe by reaching out and connecting to individuals of all ages, multicultural, and social statuses who are being impacted by the challenges of an unprecedented era.


Women of Honor Incorporated and global leaders are strategically located around the globe and are professionals who are licensed, ordained, and degreed experts who work to help them right where they are.


Based on statistical data from the World Health Organization, Women's health, abuse of all kinds, and violence are on the rise. Many women and young ladies are feeling alone, abandoned, homeless, hopeless, and lost in knowing their purpose.


Our mission is to help them recognize their worth, encourage them to love themselves, equip them to find their passion, and purpose, and empower them to know that they can be strong, courageous, and self-aware “2 Dream Again and Soar.”

Connect with us Inside the Circle to become apart of a group greater than yourself.

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